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Chelsio Network Adapter Driver

Date: 12/14/2017 Version:
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: Chelsio

Operating Systems:

Windows 10 x64
Windows Server 2012 R2 x64

Detailed Description:
Chelsio Network Adapter Driver/Utility

The driver package provides the installation files for Chelsio Network Adapter Driver/Utility

If you consider updating this driver package by Driver Genius, all you need to do is clicking the Update button beside this driver update. Driver Genius will install the driver automatically, smoothly and silently.

Moreover, constantly scan driver updates by Driver Genius or enable the Scheduled Scan function in Options- Schedule to make sure that you will not miss a new release.


- Upgraded firmware to
- Removed listening of MC/BC packets in vport vi.

About Network/Bluetooth adapter driver:

Windows usually offer a generic driver that allows systems to recognize the network component. However, in order to use all available features of this hardware, you must install the appropriate drivers.

Installing the network/bluetooth adapter driver allows systems to read network chipset information and manufacturer name, as well as connect to a network without using an Ethernet cable (wirelss network/bluetooth adapter).

Updating the driver version can resolve different compatibility issues, fix related errors spotted throughout the product usage, add support for new operating systems, improve transfer speed, as well as bring various other changes.

Supported Devices:
Amsterdam T540-CR 4x10G Bus Enumerator
Amsterdam T540-CR 4x10G Generic function
Chelsio B504-BT 1G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio B504-BT 1G Generic function
Chelsio B520-SR 10G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio B520-SR 10G Generic function
Chelsio T5 FPGA 1G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T502-BT 1G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T502-BT 1G Generic function
Chelsio T504-BT 1G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T504-BT 1G Generic function
Chelsio T520-BCH 10G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T520-BCH 10G Generic function
Chelsio T520-BT 10G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T520-BT 10G Generic function
Chelsio T520-CR 10G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T520-CR 10G Generic function
Chelsio T520-CX4 10G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T520-CX4 10G Generic function
Chelsio T520-LL-CR 10G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T520-LL-CR 10G Generic function
Chelsio T520-OCP-SO 10G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T520-OCP-SO 10G Generic function
Chelsio T520-SO 10G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T520-SO 10G Generic function
Chelsio T522-CR 10G-1G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T522-CR 10G-1G Generic function
Chelsio T540-BCH 10G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T540-BCH 10G Generic function
Chelsio T540-BT 10G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T540-BT 10G Generic function
Chelsio T540-CH 10G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T540-CH 10G Generic function
Chelsio T540-CR 10G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T540-CR 10G Generic function
Chelsio T540-LL-CR 10G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T540-LL-CR 10G Generic function
Chelsio T540-LP-CR 10G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T540-LP-CR 10G Generic function
Chelsio T560-CR 10G-40G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T560-CR 10G-40G Generic function
Chelsio T580-CHR 40G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T580-CHR 40G Generic function
Chelsio T580-CR 40G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T580-CR 40G Generic function
Chelsio T580-Dbg 10G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T580-Dbg 10G Generic function
Chelsio T580-LP-CR 40G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T580-LP-CR 40G Generic function
Chelsio T580-OCP-SO 40G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T580-OCP-SO 40G Generic function
Chelsio T580-SO-CR 40G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T580-SO-CR 40G Generic function
Chelsio T6 DBG 100G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T6 DBG 100G Generic function
Chelsio T6 DBG 25G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T6 DBG 25G Generic function
Chelsio T6 FPGA 1G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T61100-OCP-SO 100G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T61100-OCP-SO 100G Generic function
Chelsio T6202-BT 1G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T6202-BT 1G Generic function
Chelsio T62100-CR 100G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T62100-CR 100G Generic function
Chelsio T62100-LP-CR 100G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T62100-LP-CR 100G Generic function
Chelsio T62100-OCP-SO 100G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T62100-OCP-SO 100G Generic function
Chelsio T62100-SO-CR 100G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T62100-SO-CR 100G Generic function
Chelsio T6220-BT 10G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T6220-BT 10G Generic function
Chelsio T6225-CR 25G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T6225-CR 25G Generic function
Chelsio T6225-LL-CR 25G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T6225-LL-CR 25G Generic function
Chelsio T6225-OCP-SO 25G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T6225-OCP-SO 25G Generic function
Chelsio T6225-SO-CR 25G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T6225-SO-CR 25G Generic function
Chelsio T6425-CR 25G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T6425-CR 25G Generic function
Chelsio T6425-SO-CR 25G Bus Enumerator
Chelsio T6425-SO-CR 25G Generic function
Dell Harpoon 40G Bus Enumerator
Dell Harpoon 40G Generic function
Dell Harpoon T62100 2x100G Bus Enumerator
Dell Harpoon T62100 2x100G Generic function
Dell Harpoon T6225 2x25G Bus Enumerator
Dell Harpoon T6225 2x25G Generic function
Diamanti D10 4x10G Bus Enumerator
Diamanti D10 4x10G Generic function
Diamanti T6240-SO 2x40G Bus Enumerator
Diamanti T6240-SO 2x40G Generic function
Embedway T6225-SO 2x25G Bus Enumerator
Embedway T6225-SO 2x25G Generic function
Foxconn T62100 2x100G Bus Enumerator
Foxconn T62100 2x100G Generic function
Foxconn T64100 4x100G Bus Enumerator
Foxconn T64100 4x100G Generic function
H3C T520-CR 2x10G Bus Enumerator
H3C T520-CR 2x10G Generic function
Huawei T540-LP-CR 10G Bus Enumerator
Huawei T540-LP-CR 10G Generic function
Huawei T580-CR 10G-40G Bus Enumerator
Huawei T580-CR 10G-40G Generic function
Huawei T580-CR 2x40G Bus Enumerator
Huawei T580-CR 2x40G Generic function
Huawei T580-CR 40G Bus Enumerator
Huawei T580-CR 40G Generic function
Inspur Chaoyue T580-KR 2x40G Bus Enumerator
Inspur Chaoyue T580-KR 2x40G Generic function
Inspur T520-CR 2x10G Bus Enumerator
Inspur T520-CR 2x10G Generic function
Institute 32 T580-CR 4x40G Bus Enumerator
Institute 32 T580-CR 4x40G Generic function
Institute 32 T580-KR 2x40G Bus Enumerator
Institute 32 T580-KR 2x40G Generic function
Institute 52 T520-CR 2x10G Bus Enumerator
Institute 52 T520-CR 2x10G Generic function
Institute 52 T522-BT 2x10G Bus Enumerator
Institute 52 T522-BT 2x10G Generic function
Institute 52 T522-BT-SO 2x10G Bus Enumerator
Institute 52 T522-BT-SO 2x10G Generic function
Institute 52 T540-CR 4x10G Bus Enumerator
Institute 52 T540-CR 4x10G Generic function
Institute716 T520-CR 2x10G Bus Enumerator
Institute716 T520-CR 2x10G Generic function
Institute716 T580-CR 2x40G Bus Enumerator
Institute716 T580-CR 2x40G Generic function
JZTech 2xT540-CR 2x4x10G Bus Enumerator
JZTech 2xT540-CR 2x4x10G Generic function
JZTech T522 LOM 2x10G+2x1G Bus Enumerator
JZTech T522 LOM 2x10G+2x1G Generic function
JZTech T540-CR LOM 4x10G Bus Enumerator
JZTech T540-CR LOM 4x10G Generic function
KTFN T520 2x10G Bus Enumerator
KTFN T520 2x10G Generic function
KTFN T540 4x10G Bus Enumerator
KTFN T540 4x10G Generic function
NEXCOM T540-CR 4x10G Bus Enumerator
NEXCOM T540-CR 4x10G Generic function
NUDT T520-CR LOM 2x10G Bus Enumerator
NUDT T520-CR LOM 2x10G Generic function
Prophet T580-KR 2x40G Bus Enumerator
Prophet T580-KR 2x40G Generic function
QNAP T540-CR 4x10G Bus Enumerator
QNAP T540-CR 4x10G Generic function
QNAP T540-SO-CR 4x10G Bus Enumerator
QNAP T540-SO-CR 4x10G Generic function
Seagate Dover T580 2x40G Bus Enumerator
Seagate Dover T580 2x40G Generic function
Seagate Laguna Seca T580 2x40G Bus Enumerator
Seagate Laguna Seca T580 2x40G Generic function
Seagate T540-CR 4x10G Bus Enumerator
Seagate T540-CR 4x10G Generic function
Seagate T6225 2x25G Bus Enumerator
Seagate T6225 2x25G Generic function
SECA T580-LP-CR 2x40G Bus Enumerator
SECA T580-LP-CR 2x40G Generic function
Xalyo T570 10G-40G Bus Enumerator
Xalyo T570 10G-40G Generic function
ZhongFu T540-CR 4x10G Bus Enumerator
ZhongFu T540-CR 4x10G Generic function
ZTE T520-KR 2x10G Bus Enumerator
ZTE T520-KR 2x10G Generic function
ZTE T580-CR 2x40G Bus Enumerator
ZTE T580-CR 2x40G Generic function


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